Solar Hot Water

More energy is required for heating water than most people realize. As a matter of fact, water heating is one of the huge consumers of electricity at home, following closely after heating and air conditioning units. Using the sun’s ray in providing thermal energy to heat the water is thus a smart and cost effective way. Unlike the other traditional fuel sources used for water heating, there are no chances that the cost of heating water using solar energy in your home will ever go up. This is simply because the solar energy is harnessed from the sun free of charge. Besides, it doesn’t create any form of pollution due to the fact that its production does not involve any mining, drilling, burning, refining or shipping. The efficiency in solar hot water heating has been long proven and now it offers a great system for reducing American’s power bills, and this includes Georgia as well.

Atlanta Solar Pros works only with the finest quality solar water heating products and we guarantee that your project will be customized to meet your specific needs for a solar hot water system. The systems we install for you have the capability to reduce your energy cost by up to 90% compared to achieving the same with gas or electric water heaters. We deal only with factory warranted systems, with guarantees of up to 20 years so that you can enjoy affordable and reliable energy for as long as possible. With all these, there is no other time to consider “going solar” than at the moment.

Flat Plate Solar Thermal Conductors

Atlanta Solar Pros are experts in the specification and installation of flat plate solar thermal collector systems. These belong to the closed loop designs that are ideal for use in relatively moderate climates such as those experienced in Georgia, but they will also perform satisfactorily in freezing temperatures and during the cold months of winter.

The solution used in these systems (food grade propylene glycol solution) has the versatility to withstand outdoor temperatures of as low as minus forty degree Fahrenheit. We would also like to point out to you that all the systems from Atlanta Solar Pros SRCC OG- 300 Certified (the highest certification in the industry) and they use modern design sophisticated engineering to offer high quality performance.

The residential solar thermal systems are designed according to the needs of the total number of occupants in the home. For design purposes, every person is assumed to use 20 gallons of water each and every day and each systems is designed to store hot water for every person for each day. For example, a family of four will need two solar collectors with hot water storage tank of storing up to 80 gallons per day.

A flat plate solar thermal system installed with two collectors and an 80 gallon hot water storage tank would cost around $8,000 while a system with three solar collectors and storage of 120 gallons would cost around $10,000. However, it is important to remember that the ease or difficulty of installation may also affect the total cost of installation.

Are you aware that a solar water heating system can be subjected to more users other than your normal tap water needs? A well sized system can also provide for air and radiant space heating requirements.

Let Atlanta Solar Pros help you in determining how an appropriate solar water heater can contribute toward reducing your energy costs so that you may ultimately enjoy the benefits of being “energy independent.”

Call us now for further consultation on your home’s solar hot water heating requirements.


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