Solar Energy Pros & Cons

The use solar energy is fast gaining popularity as a viable source of renewable energy. It is clean hence does not have any harmful effects on the environment compared to other forms of energy like those from the fossil fuels. But just like with every other form of energy, it has its pros and cons worth considering before you finally decide to adopt it to power your energy needs at home or business. Below is a comprehensive list of all the merits and demerits of solar energy as a source of energy:

Pros of Solar Energy

The following are of the unique benefits associated with using solar energy:

The sunshine is a free resource, occurring in abundance and does not require any mining, drilling or any form of process to access.

Solar energy can be used to reduce the loads on the energy supplies, price fluctuations and the load on the power grid systems.

Solar energy is clean and does not cause any form of pollution

The use of solar energy can help individuals to save on the power bills.

Solar power has low impact on environment; in fact, it’s almost near zero.

Solar energy can be used to change the future of our power.

Cons of Solar Energy

Here are some of the demerits of relying on solar power:

The sun can sometimes be unreliable, only appearing half day and is also affected during cloudy, rainy and snowy weather.

Solar power is responsible for only 2% of the total energy supply in the United States. Besides, the national grid cannot rely on solar generation due to the constant fluctuation of the sun.

The equipment needed to generate solar energy requires dirty fuel hence it may not be absolutely the cleanest form of energy.

The initial cost of producing solar energy is very expensive, limiting the number of people who can adopt solar power to the rich and the environmentalist enthusiasts.

There are other forms of energy which are also considered “green” and are relatively cheaper to produce compared to solar energy. These include bio fuels and wind energy.

With time, cheap fossil fuels will be discovered and better ways will be devised to convert them into usable re-usable power.


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