Solar Energy in Georgia

We Provide the Power

Very few people are aware that Georgia is among the top ten places in that receive the highest amount of direct solar energy (insolation and irradiation) each year. This advantage is enjoyed uniformly throughout the state hence there is no particular region that can be claimed to have more solar resources than the other. From the high peaks of the Appalachians in Georgia to its verdant farmlands, lowlands and forests that runs from the North to South of this great state, solar energy is making economic dreams that we thought would never be possible come to realization.

Some of the notable beneficiaries of solar energy, which is becoming increasingly popular and affordable, are both large scale and small scale agribusiness and independent farmers in the state of Georgia. They have utilized the different tools provided by thermal and solar electric and they now have readily available power for use for their day to day activities. For instance, they are can use solar thermal hot water systems to reduce the high costs of heating water associated with the conventional use of gas, wood, oil and electricity. They also use solar powered pumps in their watering stations. The beauty of such solar water pumps is that they operate silently, reliably and cleanly without the need to worry about changing batteries or carrying the pump to location each and every time you need to use it. Once installed, no other thing is needed for efficient operations so long as there is sunshine.

Businesses and homeowners have also benefited from solar power energy in Georgia. There are thousands of new solar hot water and solar electric systems that are currently providing reliable, clean, efficient and affordable energy to homes and businesses in the state of Georgia. It is amazing that we are now able to make our own energy for use in homes and businesses without ever bothering about running heavy combustion engines. We don’t just get a similar amount of power from the traditional engines but also, it doesn’t have to first travel for thousands of miles from a refinery before reaching us, and then to the final equipment which will turn it into usable energy for our purposes.

Isn’t interesting that our country and our state are excited to usher in a new dawn as far as affordable, clean and renewable energy is concerned? It is even interesting that this energy comes with a tax relief which will eventually lower down the cost of heating our homes, offices, getting light as well as warming our water – all courtesy of the sun power.

Finally, we are unburdened because we can achieve the use this energy without the need to compromise our future and that of our nation’s savings, security, growth, and environment as well as our health.

Solar energy is not just the most practical, profitable and maintenance free energy source but also it is available in great abundance. When comparing purely on solar efficiency, its only solar water heating that ranks higher with regards to conversion of an equal amount of the sun’s irradiation onto an equally sized area into energy output. But since a big chunk of the resulting energy from a solar thermal reaction largely remains in the medium, (hot water in this case), it is not very easy to deploy it in other flexible manner which we may choose to. Solar electricity has provided us with a means to “set free” the effects of solar by converting the sun’s rays into electric energy which can then be channeled into a number of uses. From the solar electric wiring, the electricity can be channeled to our battery banks or directly converted from DC to AC before being allowed into the distribution system. From here, it can be channeled to homes and businesses and be directed into the usual electric circuits to be used as normal electricity for lighting, cooling and air conditioning amongst other applications.


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