How Much Does a Solar Electric System Cost?

The cost of installing a solar electric system can’t be determined by simply looking at your roof then guessing the number of panels required and finally giving estimates from that. We are aware that there are companies which do exactly that but we prefer to adopt a different approach since that will be doing a great disservice to you. At Atlanta Solar Pros, we begin the cost determination by first carrying out an energy audit to determine your consumption at the moment as well as the likely need for more energy in the future.

We also assess the energy efficiency of your home by taking a closer look at the ventilation and the attic insulation since these are the areas where a lot of energy is lost, leading to increased monthly utility bills. In addition to these, we will also check into other potential structural and system deficiencies that are likely to affect your energy efficiency.

When we are done, we will present you with a comprehensive report, detailing our findings and our proposal on the best course of action to take to lower your energy consumption, including the use of solar electric systems.

In most cases, it is usually a blend between solar and energy conservation. This however sounds like a different approach for many solar electric companies. The reason for this is that conservation may involve cutting into your budget which they may have used in installing more panels for you.

But as professionals, our approach is geared towards doing what is right for you as a customer rather than what is convenient for us as a business. With such an approach, we are keen on providing you with a solution that will give you better returns in the long run as opposed to giving you solutions geared to helping you just for short period of time.

Back to the cost of installing electric solar system, it is worth pointing out that the cost of solar panels have reduced significantly over the last two years and they seem to be stabilizing around $1.50 – $3.0 per watt of the rated power output. Given that each panel type has its own power output consistency, overall performance and lifespan expectancy, the range in the cost per watt is very wide.


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