There is no other region in the entire house which experiences a lot of heat loss more than the roof. Heat loss is such a matter of grave concern since heating and cooling usually consume the largest chunk of any home’s energy budget. And in most homes, the only thing standing between the roof and the living areas is the attic or what is commonly known as the crawl space. It is thus in the attic where you have an opportunity to reduce the heat loss by enhancing the insulation levels.

For more energy efficient homes, good insulation is important in achieving stable room temperatures, quiet environments and reduction in the cost of energy. Atlanta Solar Pros recommends that the attics should be insulated to great levels enough to realize energy savings of up to 30 -40% of the normal energy consumption and probably more if possible. In most cases, most builders will install insulations to adhere to minimum state and local levels but these will never achieve the energy saving desired by the owner of the house. If your home was constructed in the mid 1990s, then it’s likely that it was insulated with R21 insulation. This is rather basic and it is imperative that a proper insulation be installed not only to enhance the energy efficiency of the home but also to prolong the lives of your HVAC systems.

Once insulation is installed, it will settle over time, some faster than others and this is why it is important to conduct regular inspections to determine the current state of your insulation. For a quick inspection, the rule of thumb is that one inch depth = 2.5R. Atlanta Solar Pros will offer free attic inspection as part our complete solar assessment for your energy needs. Our goal is to help you make meaningful steps towards energy independence in the most economic manner while observing all the straight forward conservation measures. As part of our solar installation, we may recommend that your attic be repaired to levels where it can help in achieving higher energy efficiency. Our local, highly trained and well experienced insulation experts will give you the necessary advice on how to improve your attic and make it more energy efficient.

We take is as part of our commitment to take a whole home approach. The good news is that if you can stop the significant energy loss via the attic, then you will realize a significant reduction in the total amount of energy needed hence the cost. It therefore implies that installing any size of solar system in your house will largely contribute towards you and your home being energy efficient.

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