How tough are Solar Panels

Solar panels are tough enough to withstand some of the extreme weather conditions usually witnessed in Georgia. In simple terms, the panels are sturdy and durable.

The delicate parts, essentially the solder linkages and the wafer substrate located beneath the surface have adequate protection from the aluminum frames and the tempered glass covering.

In fact, it will interest you to note that the panels will last much longer even after their warranted power generation life is over. In most cases, the panels are manufactured with a lifespan of between 25-30 years, but they will still work after this time has elapsed. The solar panels wear out very slowly and we have even seen some which continue to produce power even after 20+ years. With regards to fragility, unless the panels sustain a direct hit form a large falling limb, they aren’t as fragile as many people perceive them to be. Small stones or items such as hail, bits of debris, rain and others blown by wind shouldn’t have any significant effect on them.

The solar panels are however subject to one major factor: How secure the mounting is. It is in the mounting where you want to ensure that they have been matched properly with the roof and the panels. Though there are certain things that are becoming more generic, it is your right to know who is securing your new solar panel to the roof of your house. We assure you of safe and careful installation of the new system to your roof. We take great pride in securing it properly while at the same time respecting the structural integrity of your roof.


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