How Solar Energy Works

The Powerful Force of the Sun

The sun provides a very powerful force with a humongous potential for conversion to meet our conventional energy needs. We are essentially at the beginning of reaping huge benefits in a manner we never thought possible. The thermal, radiant and spectral effects of the sun are just like the normal ones we are familiar with: someone getting warm by getting exposed to sun rays, people getting sunburned or objects fading due to exposure to the sun amongst others.

When we convert the sun’s rays as we intend to, the output will either be thermal or spectral energy when it reaches our intended target and we are thus able to generate our own energy instead of having to create it from other means. It is a kin to what we have been using for the past centuries like burning coal, natural gas, wood etc. to drive turbines and generators for creating electricity or simply heating objects directly.

The full potential of the sun’s powers is now coming to full fruition with the advancement in technology in the form of solar thermal collectors, solar electric panels etc. It is a clean energy which requires no other material to produce, apart from the expertise and the materials to produce it. Sometimes back, solar power used to exist just as a potential but now, the potential has been fully realized.


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