How Safe are Solar Electric Systems

A PV system can be entirely safe when it’s properly designed, installed, inspected and commissioned in light of anything you may consider as unusual or risky or having to maintain. It doesn’t have any moving parts and the contact you have with it will practically remain the same just as before you decided to use solar electrical system. Atlanta Solar Pros offer professional solar design and installation services which include a complete inspection of your power panel to determine if there is anything that might warrant further consideration to that regard.

All the safety equipment and grid interconnection are tested by a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory to ascertain that there is a continuous interactive operation with an electric distribution system. This is to ensure compliance with the IEEE 1547 (Standard for Interconnecting Distributed Resources with Electric Power Systems), IEEE 1547.1 (Standard Conformance Test Procedures for Equipment Interconnecting Distributed Resources {such as solar electric, wind, hydro, etc} with Electric Power Systems), and UL1741 (Inverters, Converters, and Controllers for use in Independent Power Systems). In addition to all these, every system component must be manufactured and installed in accordance with the National Electric Code. All the systems must also be certified and permitted by a licensed electrician, besides passing all the relevant local code inspections.

It will be our duty to ensure that your project is compliant in all matters related to safety and conformance. It will also interest you to note that we do not subcontract our electrical works to others and when you decide to work with us, we will be with you every step of the project to ensure safe and timely completion. We have our own Master Electricians who have been specifically tested for competency in PV installations by the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners. Every other professional in our team have the necessary qualifications and have acquired adequate field experience, especially in solar electric system installation hence they possess the competency to implement a safe solar electric system installation. We pride in offering our special knowledge, skills, workmanships and years of experience to give you safe, reliable and high performing solar electric installation services.


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