Government, Utility & Other Solar Incentives

There are different incentives from government and other energy conscious organizations available to individuals who would like to invest in solar energy. The main reason for such incentives is to promote the adoption of solar energy as a renewable source and to reduce the pressure on the fossil based fuels as well as the great environmental impacts that such fuels have. Here are some of the incentives you may want to consider when you want to invest in solar energy:

30% U.S Solar Energy Tax Credit

You will get a reprieve of 30% of the entire installation cost from the federal government in the form of federal income tax credit. The Solar Energy Tax Credit was established in 2006 by an Act of Congress and it has enabled thousands of businesses and homeowners in the United States to invest in solar energy for future uses. Kindly note that the tax credit is not an “earned income” or “taxable” reduction but rather a dollar-to-dollar reduction on the amount of taxes you would have owed or already paid for which you will be given refunds.

The procedure for filing tax credit refund is rather simple. No application is required – all you have to do is to have solar system installed in your home or business and be in a position to prove its total cost. You can do this by simply submitting on that year’s tax form the cost of your system and the resulting 30% tax credit amount.

Suppose it won’t be possible for you to benefit from the tax credit for that particular year, you still have the benefit of a lifetime carryover, which simply implies that you will never lose your tax credit.

You can get additional information regarding the Solar Energy Tax Credit as well as other state and local incentives from the US Department of Energy’s Excellence Website.

Utility Rebates, Credits and Other Incentives

There are a quite a number of utilities in North Georgia that give solar energy incentives. Comprehensive information about them is available on DSIRE website given above and presented below is a list of presently active utility incentives for your quick reference. Keep on checking this page regularly for further updates on the available incentives.

Individual Utility Rebate Programs

Solar Electric and Solar Hot Water


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